Phsycians 1st

Leave the paperwork to us and save 30 to 50% per month!

You’re paying top dollar for space devoted only to your bookkeeping and paperwork. By outsourcing your billing, you now have extra patient examining rooms/storage space.
You are supporting expensive payroll services, averaging 20% above employee’s salary. It’s all part of our service.
You pay for expensive health benefits, workman’s comp and vacation/sick time for an extra office person. No more unnecessary overhead — we don’t get paid until you get paid by the insurance company.
You can only access your office’s financial information from your office computer terminal. You log in to our secure, remote access terminal 24/7 for instant access to your account, run reports, and see up-to-date payment information on your patients.
You are inefficiently using time by having office personnel enter client demographics and encounter forms. All patient info is scanned, faxed, e-faxed, or delivered to our office for expert, efficient, and accurate input. We alert you instantly to any discrepancies even if you have an EMR
connected to a billing program.
You constantly have to teach and retrain your staff how to input all insurance information/referrals/ authorizations, and co-payment information. Physicians 1st is fluent in all the major medical software and can either use your software or transfer all the information to our program. NO MORE LEARNING CURVES!
You are experiencing high turnover and non compliance issues. Turnover is reduced and we keep you up to date on all compliance issues.