Phsycians 1st

What are the Services that we supply?

Medical billing company, Physicians 1st, gives you choices — either use our own in-house software or access and work on your existing billing system. Either way, you have 24-hour access to your information. Smaller medical practices may prefer using the Physicians 1st software since they won’t need to purchase and learn different, more cumbersome systems, plus there is no extra charge for technical support. If your EMR software has a billing module, we will work with that software via remote access. Either way, we provide a seamless transition from your on-site billing department to ours. We can be up and fully working as your off-site billing department within 24 hours.

As the provider, you have round-the-clock password-protected access to all your information. You can view reports of any kind including productivity by provider.

Electronic Medical Records will be mandatory by the year 2015. Physicians 1st has an established relationship with
government-approved EMR systems. We can help you qualify for Meaningful Use!

Cash flow is key to running a viable business. You can’t care for your patients and chase after their payments. At Physicians 1st, we track all accounts and send out all requests for payment while providing the patient with clear, understandable billing statements.

Medical Insurance billing is complicated and it takes an expert to navigate the appeals process when coverage is denied to one of your patients. At Physicians 1st, our business is to understand every aspect of medical billing and coding, including the different coverage and appeals process that each insurance provider requires.

Medical billing requires more than just filling out forms. At Physicians 1st, we pride ourselves on precise and accurate inputting of all demographic and coding information so that you can receive your payments from the insurance companies faster. Since medical billing is our only business, we can be relied upon to avoid inputting mistakes, which can create costly delays in your payments.

Keep your finger on your financial “pulse.” Each month, you receive a clear, precise transaction report so you see that your CPT coding is utilized in the most advantageous way. This allows you to immediately see the payments received from both insurance companies and patients, as well as seeing outstanding receivables.

Rely on our expertise to help you in your practice. We provide:

  • • Evaluation of billing departments and front desk
  • • Evaluation of staff members, job descriptions, etc.
  • • Training. Re-educating new or established staff members
  • • Workflow improvement
  • • Workers Compensation and No Fault system intake
  • • Review of encounter forms
  • • Overseeing A/R reports, payor mix
  • • Reimbursement evaluation by specific procedure codes
  • • New practice set up and credentialing
  • • Cross training of staff
  • • Negotiate reimbursement rates with insurance companies